Metalbird Robin



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As comebacks go, the story of the Chatham Island Black Robin has to go down in history as the comeback of all time. In 1979 we were down to five specimens, only one of which was an egg laying female 'Old Blue'. All credit to the Wildlife Service for intervening & establishing a breeding program. Today there are over 250 descendants all directly related to Old Blue and long may they continue on the rise.

This is larger than life size but still petite and made from our signature hardy 3mm Corten steel. 

Material: 3mm Corten Steel – designed to rust and age beautifully over time.

A copper chromium alloy steel, Corten is weather resistant – it’s designed to rust quickly, which gives a layer of protection. It means that our animals last for decades, with a patina that changes with the seasons.

Australian Made

In relentless pursuit of all things local, our packaging and products are all made right here in Australia,

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Size: 32cm x 14cm