Serenity Star


Roger Armstrong

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The Serenity Star is a 5-in-1 multi-tasking must-have nightlight for every nursery, helping to ensure safe sleep for baby and peace of mind for mum!

It combines a feeding diary, room temperature indicator, sound machine, night light and clock—all in one stylishly sleek design. It is portable and can be plugged in or battery operated for easy use in and out of the nursery.

The Serenity Star monitors room temperature and glows red if the room is too warm, blue if too cold and white if just right, providing a quick visual check for parents.

To assist with getting little one to sleep, the Serenity Star also includes a sound machine which plays four calming sounds: two lullabies, white noise, and a heartbeat. You can even select play times of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or continuous play.


  • Feeding diary: records and displays last time feeding started and last side fed from (if breast feeding)
  • Sound machine: plays four soothing sounds including 2 lullabies, heartbeat, and white noise
  • Room temperature indicator: based on the room temperature, star will glow red, white, or blue
  • Night light: emits a subtle, soothing glow for the perfect night light
  • Clock: 12-hour clock AM/PM display
  • Portable: plug-in or battery operated
  • Size:175cm x 17.5cm