EverEarth Bamboo Name Train Engine



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This Bamboo Name Train Engine by EverEarth is designed to pull along name train carriages with letters along the floor by pulling the white string or along wooden railway tracks.The first piece in any name train is the engine.

Collect this engine along with as many carriages and letter tiles required to spell your child's name.

The engine also includes a pull cord to be able to pull the train along once assembled.

Please note that the engine does not hold any letter tiles and the middle and end carriages are required to hold each of the letter tiles from the child's name. For example, if your child's name is Emma, you will require 3 middle carriages and 1 end carriage in addition to the engine at the front to pull the train along.

This product is manufactured from sustainable Bamboo.

Engine is available in Green only

Age: 2+

Dimensions: L 13 x H 7 x D 2.5cm