Essential Oil - Geranium


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Derived from the leaves and flowers of the pelargonium graveolens plant, this 100% pure Geranium essential oil has a calm, uplifting scent, with sweet floral tones. Geranium Essential oil can be used in everyday applications, although is best when used in ultra-sonic diffusers. Add a few drops of Breathe Essential Oil to your Aroma Bloom Diffuser to brighten your day.

100% pure and Australian Certified Organic.


• Assists recovering from feelings of anxiety, depression & fatigue

• Assists with symptoms of Menopause

• Calming & Uplifting Scent

• Improve skin tone

• Promotes calm and restful sleep


- Use 2-5 drops in a Lively Living diffuser of your choice

- Blends well with Lavender, Orange & Rosemary

- Add a few drops to bath salts for a relaxing evening ritual

- Apply with a carrier oil for a sweet perfume

- Combine a few drops with shampoo or conditioner for a sparkling glow

Size: 15ml