MetalBird Fantail with Baby



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Metalbird sculptures are designed for outdoor installation and look fantastic silhoetted against any lighter background. Made in Melbourne from 3mm thick Corten steel, the surface of the sculpture is designed to quickly rust to give it a rustic look, and to protect from the elements for years to come.

Simple hammer the sculture into a tree or post and enjoy (a small pilot hole may need to be drilled in hardwood). 

Known for its friendly 'cheet cheet' call and impressive energetic flying antics, the aptly (if a little obviously) named fantail is one of the most common and widely distributed native birds on the Australian mainland. It is easily recognized by its long tail which opens to a fan. It has a small head and bill but large ideas, especially in the field of aerobatics.

Size: 27cm x 24cm x 3mm thick